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Beginners Guide to Live Roulette Game

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Roulette's flash and elegance are unrivaled by any other casino game. Feeling the anticipation build as you watch the ball bounce around the roulette wheel is an experience that can never be replicated.

If you're looking for a really legendary Gugobet casino game, go no further than roulette. A sizable subset of the iGaming population gets into this game of elegance, skill, and strategy.

If everyone understands that you're a newbie, don't let the spotlight go to your head. You'll have excellent panache and be a roulette master with the help of this special tutorial.

How to Play Roulette

Assuming you understand the rules, the most thrilling element of the game is playing roulette.

You must make your wagers before the round begins. You are welcome to place several wagers on any given round. Your chances of becoming successful will go up significantly if you do this.

  1. Get playing chips: Get poker chips of various values for your cash at the table.

  2. Place your bets: Bet amounts are shown on the betting table by matching chip amounts; position your chips accordingly.

  3. Choose your bet type: You may wager on even and odd numbers, single digits, colour groups, and ranges of digits.

  4. Spin the wheel: The ball will be dropped into the spinning roulette wheel by the dealer or the website.

  5. Wait for the outcome: Watch as the ball spins around the wheel and anticipate where it will land.

  6. Collect winnings or accept losses: The winning wagers are selected when the wheel comes to a halt. If your wager is successful, you will be paid off. If you don't, the casino will retain your money.

  7. Repeat for the next round: Bet your money, spin the wheel, and revel in the thrill of victory or defeat.

Consequently, we will explore every potential course of action. When the wheel stops spinning, the winners get their winnings and the losers' money goes to the house. In a subsequent cycle, the identical procedures are repeated. It's as easy as pie, right?

The Different Types of Roulette Bets

As was previously said, roulette provides a vast range of betting possibilities, all of which have their own associated odds and potential payouts.

Payouts will be covered further in this tutorial post. Although there is a vast range of wagers available in roulette, most players stick to outside or inside wagers.

Inside Bets

Within the betting layout of the roulette table, players may wager on a variety of single numbers and clusters of numbers. Inside bets may be broken down into numerous categories, such as:

  • Straight Up - Put money on a single number in roulette. To gamble, put your chip(s) over your preferred number. Your number wins. If not, you know!

  • Split - A bet on two neighboring felt numbers. Place chips between your chosen numbers. You win if the ball hits either number.

  • Street - Trio bet. It bets on your top three vertical numbers. You win if the ball lands in a row that corresponds to one of the numbers you choose.

  • Corner - This wager is placed on a square of four numbers. In order to make this wager, put a chip on the dot that is located in the center of each of the four numbers. In the game of roulette, you have a chance to win if the ball lands in one of the numbered slots.

  • Basket -The basket bets on five numbers (3, 2, 1 &, 0, 00). Thus, a ball landing on any of the five numbers wins. Take a chance on the string that tones 0.0 and 1.0.

  • Line - Bet on two nearby streets. Bet between your favorite streets. If the ball stops on one of these six digits, you win. These are the most common roulette inside wagers, however, some games offer others.

These are the most frequent sorts of inside bets in roulette, however, there may be more varieties depending on the game.

Outside Bets

These bets include wagers on clusters of numbers or certain patterns among the numbers. Outside wagers might fall into a few distinct categories.

  • Black/Red- Bets are placed on the black or red felt. You win if the ball lands on your color number.

  • Even/Odd- Pick the most unusual of the two. If your wager was on "odd," and the ball falls on an odd number, you win. All "even" wagers are equal.

  • High/Low- You gamble on the ball's height (19-36 or 1-18). Bet by placing chips on the felt's high/low spaces. You win if any digit matches your choices.

  • Column- On roulette felts, the numbers "2 to 1" may be seen at the very bottom of the third column from the left. To wager on a column, put your chips there. If the bouncing ball lands on a number in the column where you placed a wager, you win the bet.

  • Dozen- Bet that one of the three "12" squares the ball lands on will pay off. Put your money on the first, second, or third 12 space, according on where you think it will land. You have successfully won the game if the ball lands on any of your 12 numbers.

Each bet has its own odds and payoff, so familiarizing yourself with the game's regulations and selecting the bets that suit your playing style and budget is crucial.

Roulette Most Popular Wagering Strategies

Luck plays a major role in online roulette at gugo bet. That's the first essential fact that all newcomers to the game of roulette should be aware of. There are tried and true methods that may help you increase your bankroll, but no method is foolproof. Examples of such professional methods are:

Labouchere System

First things first, choose how much money you want to make off of the technique by setting a target for yourself.

Adjust your bet size accordingly as your fortunes rise and fall. This method will help you visualize the sum you need to win in order to achieve your objective. Doing so will help you prevent more financial setbacks.

Martingale System

When it comes to playing roulette, most people use the Martingale strategy. When playing this game, it's essential to limit your wagers to chips. If you lose, you must double your bet. You won't lose all your money if you don't win every time.

D'Alembert System

The parallels between this strategy and the Martingale System are significant. This is due to the fact that players are more likely to raise their wager after experiencing a loss in a single round of roulette. You will not likely lose all of your money to the casino if you follow this plan.


This essay is the pinnacle of simplicity. This user-friendly manual will have you playing like a pro in no time.

If you're just starting out, even money bets like high/low or red/black are where you want to put your money. In roulette, these bets have the highest house edge and the lowest payout.

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